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I get bored easily. :)

One of those unfortunate days where I’m focusing more on the large amount of days I’ve been without him instead of focusing on the small amount of days I have until I see him again. Arg.

From a photo shoot back in March.

Waiting for my first Birchbox

My Birchbox sent on May 9th, so six days ago, and it’s supposed to be delivered today. But I’m getting antsy!

This month’s theme was Gossip Girl. I don’t really watch the show but I have read a few of the books and loved them. I’ve seen other boxes so far from other bloggers, and I’m super excited.

There’s a chance of getting full-sized “samples” worth twice as much as the box does each month (only $10, free shipping.) Needless to say, it’s like I’m waiting for a Christmas present to arrive on my doorstep.

The UPS website says that my box has been in the same spot since the 11th which is about half an hour away from me. I know there are other deliveries but come on… pleeeeeeease?

Moves Like Jagger

My father’s version: “I’ve got to move my jacket.”

Listen to it. It actually makes sense.

““The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine”

The 50 Most Inspiring Travel Quotes of All Time

Change of major (for the 3rd time since July…)

From Photography to Criminal Justice to International Studies with a concentration in Europe and possibly also taking up another major in English. I think I have finally made up my mind. For at least the next semester, hopefully.

Before changing my major, I, being the organized type of person when it comes to school (but definitely not my room), made a list of why I should change my major…

  1. With a degree in IS (International Studies), I have more freedom! And in order to graduate I have to study abroad. Good excuse, right? :)
  2. No one likes cops.
  3. I stand out among the rest of the typical majors (i.e. business, law, nursing, blah blah blah…)
  4. I. Want. To. Travel. Have I made it clear, yet?

Attempting to make my dreams a reality…

tumblrbot said:

I answered:

Bad moods are not something taken lightly in my world. Normally I just ignore people and they get the hint. And most of the time they don’t and of course they keep nagging and finally just get on my bad side.

Okay, enough babbling… warm drinks, such as tea or Starbucks, will DEFINITELY put me in a much better mood. Also, a good read or a movie is sure to put me in better spirits.

This is me. Cliché.

The life of a workaholic with an astonishing (and alarming) amount of imagination and energy at the most inappropriate times.
20 years young.
Boyfriend in the Air Force. <3
Passing time by sharing my feelings and always up for giving advice about anything. :)

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